Gua sha: the skincare benefits and how to use it

The Gua sha (pronounced “gwa sha”) was created and has been used in China for thousands of years. It’s a skincare tool used to stimulate circulation, increase blood flow to the skin, ease facial muscle tension and also aid lymphatic drainage. We love its ability to soothe our sore eyes and brighten our skin in the morning. Great when you want to get rid off your puffy eyes (in 5 minutes) after a sleepless night because of heartburn (or another of the many things that can keep you awake when you're expecting ;)

Gua sha massage

Which gua sha is right for me?

It’s great to experiment with different types and tools to find the best for you, there are many types of Gua sha - rose quartz is our favourite as it supports heart energy. In Chinese medicine, some say it also inspires optimism and diminishes depth of lines.

How do I use it?

When it comes to Gua sha, do what feels good! We’d recommend a morning and/ or evening routine like the following:

Step 1 

Cleanse your face as usual. Smooth a few drops of your favourite serum or facial oil onto the skin. This will help the tool glide across the skin with ease, while helping the oil to absorb better - we recommend our Repair Serum, it’s packed with bakuchiol, grapeseed, and vitamin E to moisturize, hydrate, protect, brighten, and plump the skin without clogging pores.

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Step 2 

Begin in the center of the face and move outwards with gentle but firm pressure. Massage from center of face by nose outward towards cheeks. Then proceed to massage the chin and forehead.

Step 3

When it comes to your eyes, hold the tool in the under eye area, then close each eye and gently press the tool over.

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Step 4

You can also continue to use the tool along your neck and décolletage, this helps to move fluid build up in the face towards the center of the body where they can be more effectively processed.

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