You should be glowing now, right?

Unfortunately, for most of us, great skin might feel like a long shot. Your hormones are changing, your body is changing and your skin is changing.

Stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and hormonal acne can start showing up and leave you feel insecure.

We get it. We've been there and we've got you.

Meet your new skincare bestie

I'm Joyce van Dam, founder of Bumpalicious Skincare, and it's my mission to make you love your reflection when you're expecting.

The reason I started Bumpalicious, is because I see so many women struggle with the same problem: They start feeling insecure when their body and skin is changing during their pregnancy. 

When I was pregnant, dark pigmentation spots appeared on my face and I start having breakouts again, I remember feeling insecure about my looks and wanting to put a paper bag over my head. I thought that the pregnancy glow just wasn't for me...

Eventually I managed to successfully overcome these skin problems. The more my skin cleared up, the more my confidence grew, and the more I was able to enjoy my pregnancy.

This is what I wish for my clients too. That's why I help women to take back control over their skin by creating pregnancy-safe skincare that targets these specific pregnancy related issues. And make them glow from the inside out.

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