Pregnant women and Covid

Antenatal anxiety or anxiety during pregnancy is fairly common among mothers. However, the prolonged pandemic and subsequent lockdown measures have heightened the feeling of anxiousness among many people, especially pregnant women. Still, there are some effective ways to manage your pregnancy anxiety during the pandemic, while keeping yourself healthier both physically and mentally.

Take a look at our 5 top tips to manage anxiety during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic:

Pregnancy anxiety covid

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Anxiety can quickly build up when alone at home on a range of issues from health to financial. Don’t be afraid to ask for help even from your home, this may mean consulting your gynaecologist online or even posting your questions to your favourite podcast host! 

2. Nourish your body

Make sure you take some me-time each day to look after yourself. That means your body, as well as your mind. Choose an effective skincare routine that uses all-natural ingredients and products you know are safe for pregnant mums to ensure that you are getting the nutrients your skin needs.

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3. Practice breathing exercises and positive affirmations

Proper breathing habits can have a huge effect on stress levels, by taking deeper and more mindful breaths we can increase oxygen in our body and become more aware of our experiences. Shallower breathing is associated with increased tension that may elevate stress levels. It may also help to extend this practice to your body, there are many yoga practices that can help pregnant women improve breathing and flexibility.  (Always check with your clinician first!)

4. Make time for sleep

It may seem basic but waking up from a restful and quality sleep will leave you with a refreshed mind and body, it can reduce anxiety and help mental clarity. If you struggle to sleep during pregnancy, even a 15-minute nap has been proven to help women feel calmer.

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5. Catch-up with family And friends

Social isolation during a pandemic can be a huge problem for many people. Don’t be afraid to check in with family and friends to share your experiences and get help and advice. A video call with your family or a quick walk with a friend can go a long way to helping your stress levels and pregnancy anxiety.

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