What is Microbiome Skincare, and is it for me?

Is microbiome skincare a new trend

Skincare trends come along often. Sometimes a specific ingredient takes the spotlight (like Bakuchiol) and sometimes it’s a whole host of products with one skincare goal. Right now, microbiome-friendly skincare is having its moment. 

Make no mistake, this is more than a skincare trend. But what exactly is a microbiome, and how does it relate to your skin?

What is microbiome Skincare?

What is microbiome skincare and microbiome beauty

Just like the gut, the skin has its own unique ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that impact how it functions. Consider the skin's microbiome the natural and good bacteria for the skin. 

The primary goal of all this good bacteria is to support your skin’s protective barrier and keep a multitude of complexion at bay, like dryness, irritation, acne and eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, but it can also can show up as sensitive skin and can even accelerate signs of aging like loss of elasticity, uneven tone, and wrinkles. In contrast, when even one strain in our skin microbiome overgrows and starts to crowd out the others, this leads to an imbalance and cause these skin problems.

That's why keeping the skins microbiome in balance is essential for maintaining a hydrated and glowing complexion.

How do I rebuild my skin microbiome

Our skin microbiome acts as a smart, protective shield. When it’s healthy and functioning, it's constantly making decisions about what is allowed to enter the skin and what is blocked. A healthy barrier traps moisture in, and keeps irritants out. In other words, a healthy barrier protects against both inflammation and infection. But how can you rebuild your skin microbiome and keep it in balance?

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Firstly, you can supplement your diet and routine with some microbiome-supporting vitamins that also look after your gut health. Because many of these same microorganisms also reside in a person’s gut, researchers believe that the gut and skin microbiomes are biologically linked. A healthy digestive system can support a healthy microbiome, which is why taking pre and probiotics can really help here. There are plenty around these days that boosts your gut microflora that work wonders for your skin and overall health.

You can also support the skin’s microbiome with skincare. This doesn’t mean you have to add in new microbiome-friendly skincare products into your routine. It also means that there are things that you can avoid doing that will help maintain a healthy, balanced microbiome.

Avoid overly harsh ingredients or overuse of products. We’re referring to exfoliants, retinoids (which are a no-go when you're pregnant anyway), and too many treatments. These strip the skin and break down the barrier rather than building it up. For instance you can try to replace Retinol with Bakuchiol. This is a natural alternative to Retinol, but is much more gentle to the skin, but just as powerful. Our Repair Serum contains the maximum amount of effective Bakuchiol.

Of course, exfoliants and retinoids are still great ingredients, but it’s about using them in moderation. Don’t go too wild with them all at once because your skin barrier has been compromised. Or find gentle, but just as effective alternative ingredients like Bakuchiol.

Balances out your skin microbiome

What are microbiome skincare ingredients

The first step to maintaining a balanced skin microbiome is to start feeding it well. Common skincare ingredients like oat extract, glycerol (AKA glycerine) feed the skin’s good bacteria. You can also look out for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides and ceramides which are great building blocks for a healthy skin. These are naturally produced by the good bacteria on your skin when your skin microbiome is in good condition.

It is also very important to keep your skin well hydrated, especially in the drier months, by using a good moisturizer. Broken skin is often susceptible to penetration and overgrowth of bad bacteria which can cause infections. Make sure to wear a good moisturizing serum or cream daily. Our Repair Serum has great moisturizing benefits for your skin and only consitst 100% natural and vegan ingredients. 

Removing makeup nightly is also very important because excess oil and residue on the skin makes you more prone to the overgrowth of yeast. 

There is now a whole host of skincare lines dedicated to the upkeep of the skin’s microbiome health. Our Repair Serum does exactly that. It contains multiple barrier-supporting ingredients to keep your skins microbiome in balance so you can maintain a hydrated and glowing complexion! Check out our Repair Serum here and start supporting your skin microbiome.

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