How to organize a memorable virtual babyshower

The pandemic, social distancing, lockdowns, and business closures have affected just about every aspect of our lives. Fortunately, technology has enabled us to overcome many of the difficulties the pandemic has caused. We can order groceries online and have them delivered direct to our door, we can work from home, even visit our doctor via virtual appointments. One aspect of the pandemic that many people are still struggling with is that they can’t get together with friends and family to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, retirements parties, and baby showers.

To address this issue, we look once again to technology. Just as we can hold virtual appointments and meetings, we can also hold virtual parties with our friends and family, including baby showers.

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But baby showers typically include exciting games, tasty snacks, and fun party favours. How is that going to work on Zoom? While we can’t make sending snacks virtually a thing just yet, we can throw a successful, and fun, Zoom baby shower with some simple tips.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at 6 useful tips on how to throw the best Zoom baby shower ever:

1 Select A Date And Time For Your Virtual Baby Shower

Zoom is an easy to use online virtual meeting platform which requires extraordinarily little technical expertise to use successfully. The first step in throwing a Zoom baby shower, or any baby shower for that matter, is to select a date and time. If you are inviting guests who happen to live in multiple time zones, choose a date a time that works for as many people as possible. Don’t forget to set a time limit for your baby shower as your guests will really appreciate this.

2 Send Virtual Baby Shower Invitations 

Just as you would send cute paper invitations for an in-person party, you should send virtual baby shower invitations for your Zoom baby shower. You can set up a group event on social media and link everyone to it, or you can personalise your invitations using one of these cute formats on Paperless Post or another online app.

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3 Create A Virtual Baby Shower Registry 

Don’t forget to create a virtual baby shower registry and add a link to it on your invitations. Be sure to consider extended shipping times when scheduling your Zoom baby shower.

4 Pick A Virtual Baby Shower Theme

Even though your baby shower is virtual, you should still choose a theme and decorate your home, so it looks good in the background. Here are some ideas!

5 Plan A Gift Reveal

Set up a space in your home for the gift reveal. Make that it is spacious enough for all of the gifts and that is it well lit and decorated. This will add to the festive atmosphere your guests see online. Looking for inspiration? Check out our skincare range specially designed for pregnant women!

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6 Play Virtual Baby Shower Games

There are many virtual baby shower games that you and your guests can enjoy. A few examples would be Name That Tune, the Baby Alphabet Game, and Baby Gear ‘Price Is Right’.

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